Motivating and Engaging Hard-to-Reach People into Accountable, Collaborative Treatment

Keynote or Breakout 


Client hostility and lack of interest in recovery occur in many people involved with mandated treatment, problem-solving courts, and criminal justice settings. This can make it hard to engage participants in a self-change, accountable treatment process.  In the past, helping people change has too often depended on seeing resistance as negative, client pathology, “breaking through denial” and strategies that have disempowered and disrespected people.  Motivational interviewing and other motivational enhancement therapies are successful in engaging people and assisting them in ongoing change.

This presentation will discuss how to develop a participatory treatment contract and how to engage participants in taking responsibility to increase public safety and safety for children and families; and decrease legal recidivism and crime.



Participants will

  1. Identify how to more purposefully join with participants to facilitate action/change.

  2. Discuss strategies to engage the hard-to-reach people as an active participant in an accountable service plan.

  3. Apply stages of change work and Motivational Interviewing to increase accountability and lasting change.