Personal Bio


My AUstralian Roots

I was born and raised in Australia in a period of its history where the White Australia policy comprised a collection of policies designed to exclude people from Asia (particularly China) and the Pacific Islands (particularly Melanesia) from immigrating to Australia. These policies were progressively dismantled between 1949 and 1973.

In that exact period of time, as an Australian-born Chinese (ABC) minority, I adapted by trying to be the best I could be: best-dressed, best in school, best in public speaking.  It also meant that I honed skills to bridge the gap between my minority status and the greater majority, learning not just how to fit in, but to develop leadership skills and bring people together.


my USA Roots

When psychiatry became my career of choice and the United States the place to go for specialty training, I started in the Columbus, Ohio area with my academic work at Ohio State University.  But it was the charm of New England and the stimulation of Boston that captured my interest and push for personal and professional growth.  Being in the Harvard Medical School system looked good not only on paper, but more importantly imbued a sense of history and excellence that I still hold important today.