I can consult offsite by phone or video session (one hour minimum) or onsite (one day minimum). Contact me to discuss your consultation goals. Together we will plan what combination of strategies would be most effective.  As you review the topic areas below, and have a different consultation need, ask me. I may be able to help or direct you to someone who can.



  1. Implementing the true spirit and content of The ASAM Criteria
  2. Clinical consultation on helping people change, motivational interviewing, stages of change and motivational enhancement approaches.
  3. Personal consultation to identify your personal mission; life direction and path: What do you WANT?; What do YOU want?; What DO you want? WHAT do you want?
  4. Organizational consultation on helping teams function with mission-driven, empowered initiative to resolve conflicts and embrace well-being.
  5. Systems consultation to move towards person-centered, outcomes-driven, recovery-oriented systems of care.